Home learning due Wednesday 25th November

Hi Goshawks, your tasks are below:

Reading: Continue reading to your agreed page and come up with at least 4 questions (deduction, inference, authorial, literal) to share with the group.

Spellings: (Test on Monday)

Hurricanes: morning, mourning, father, farther, guessed, guest, heard, herd, led, lead

Tornadoes: door, floor, again. wild, children, climb, parents, most, only, both

Maths : Head to Teams to find your sheet which is based on a series of addition and subtraction problems. Work up to the point you need help with and mark * any you did with an adult/helper. Try to submit via teams if possible but if not bring into class next week.

Topic: Continue your project; you have 2 more weeks to research and present any aspect of ancient Egypt and any way you like!

Science: *OPTIONAL* If your rocket eperiment didn’t go to plan, try again at home and film the results! Our research revealed 150ml of vinegar: 30g bicarbonate of soda was a good amount. Importantly, don’t forget a tight fitting bung; use gaffer tape to get a good seal.

Languages: *OPTIONAL* Mr Cantoni shared an Italian recipe research task with you; research a recipe and try to make (and eat) it!

Time Table Rock Stars Championship

Well done everyone for your participation the TTRS championship over the last week; we had some big scores and most importantly you have all improved your times table knowledge.

Gastrells finished first in Gloucestershire; Goshawks in 4th.

Congratulations to Keesha who came 2nd overall for the entire county, and top of the Gastrells standings (and wins a t-shirt for her efforts!). Well done Seren who finished in 3rd in Gastrells and Hollie in 8th.

Goshawks also finished 199th nationally – this was out of 24,000 classes, something like 600,000 pupils!

Results below:

Home learning due Wednesday 18 November

*We are trialling Microsoft Teams with a view to moving all home learning there in future. You are free to use whatever method works for you at the moment, but if you can, have ago at accessing your task there and submitting electronically.*

Reading Please read another 30 pages of your books – create 4 DIAL questions based on the first 10 pages that you read.

We will have the spelling test on Monday so you will receive another set then. Continue with your existing set this weekend.

Maths – we have been studying equivalence this week. Have a go at both of the ‘Barvember’ sheets (they are both the same level of challenge.) For the first 2 questions create your own bars. Questions 3 and 4 have bars to help you. If you find 3 and 4 too difficult, try to annotate the bar diagram with as much information from the question as you can and have this ready for next week.

Remember you have an Egypt project of your choice which you can continue for the next 3 weeks!

Cross Country Series Pt. 2

Our lockdown special revised event saw us split into 7 mixed teams and compete in a series of running challenges on the field. These included: the distance race, hill climb, relay, elimination race and the duel! A really fun afternoon and congratulations to everyone who part. Fingers crossed we can go ahead with the Santa run before Christmas…

A huge well done to everyone who took part !

The team award went to the Cheetahs followed by the Ostriches (Louis and River) and Wolves (Poppy, Keira, Jess)!

Our top 3 Goshawks individuals were Louis (27 pts), Keira, Seren (28 pts) and Poppy (32 pts)