Homework Summer 1 Week 2

In art, we have been looking at fruit and vegetables, and how they are made up inside. In particular, we have been looking at peppers. The children need to draw the inside of a fruit or vegetable (of their choice) on a piece of A4 paper. They must cut their chosen fruit/vegetable in half, and use paint/pencils/charcoal/pastels etc (NOT felt tips or sharpies) to draw and shade their work. This is due in on Wednesday 10th May.

Spellings Summer 1 Week 2

Black- nearby, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, vice, vicious, grace, gracious, space, spacious.

Green- ascent, crescent, descent, fascinate, scent, scenery. scissors, science, scientifically, scientist.

Red- irreparable, irresponsible, redo, react, remix, repay, reuse, rebate, redeem, refill.

Grey- runny, sunny, boxer, mixed, mixing, fixed, fixing, all, walk, talk.

Spellings 24.4.17

Black- who, which, where, when, whose, that, perhaps, surely, might, should.

Green- synagogue, tongue, vague, boutique, cheque, grotesque, mosque, plaque, picturesque, technique.

Red- import, impatient, imperfect, irritate, irritant, irregular, irrational, irrelevant, irrelevance, irritation.

Grey- stopped, knitted, travelled, labelled, bigger, thinner, fatter, runner, happiest, saddest.

Spellings 30.1.17

Green- adventurous, carnivorous, coniferous, conspicuous, dangerous, famous, generous, herbivorous, joyous, marvellous.

Red- arrive, believe, disbelieve, bicycle, breath, breathe, build, rebuild, busy, business.

Grey- oval, loyal, medal, regal, total, arrival, factual, general, normal, virtual. 

Black- hydrate, hydration, hydrated, dehydrated, dehydration, incriminate, incriminated, investigate, investigation, investigated. 

The Ridge

In literacy we watched a video of Danny MacAskill, a famous BMX rider. We wrote a description of how we would feel if we were standing on the ridge at the top of a mountain. Here’s the start of our paragraphs… 

SPaG battles!

We have been looking at suffixes this week, and how to apply the correct suffix to a root word. We had a suffix battle in class, where we had to think of as many words we could with a particular ending. Turns out ‘-ing’ proved to be the most popular!