Autumn term one

Autumn term 1 letter

Here is a letter detailing everything you need to know about this term. The letter received before the summer holidays outlined spelling and homework expectations, whereas this looks at what we will be covering throughout the subjects. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Spellings Autumn 1 Week 1

As you are in year 5 now, it is expected that if you do not know the meaning of one of your spellings, you use a dictionary to look it up. It is much easier to use one of your spelling words, if you understand what it means!

Groups will be distributed again tomorrow, so please don’t panic if you don’t remember your group!!

Sun- vicious, gracious, spacious, malicious, precious, conscious, delicious, suspicious, atrocious, ferocious.

Moon- caught, naughty, taught, daughter, autumn, clause, cause, astronaut, applaud, author.

Star- eight, eighth, eighty, weight, neighbour, vein, veil, beige, sleigh, freight.

Galaxy- knock, know, knee, knitting, knife, gnat, gnaw, gnash, gnome, gnarled.

Homework Summer 1 Week 2

In art, we have been looking at fruit and vegetables, and how they are made up inside. In particular, we have been looking at peppers. The children need to draw the inside of a fruit or vegetable (of their choice) on a piece of A4 paper. They must cut their chosen fruit/vegetable in half, and use paint/pencils/charcoal/pastels etc (NOT felt tips or sharpies) to draw and shade their work. This is due in on Wednesday 10th May.

Spellings Summer 1 Week 2

Black- nearby, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, vice, vicious, grace, gracious, space, spacious.

Green- ascent, crescent, descent, fascinate, scent, scenery. scissors, science, scientifically, scientist.

Red- irreparable, irresponsible, redo, react, remix, repay, reuse, rebate, redeem, refill.

Grey- runny, sunny, boxer, mixed, mixing, fixed, fixing, all, walk, talk.

Spellings 24.4.17

Black- who, which, where, when, whose, that, perhaps, surely, might, should.

Green- synagogue, tongue, vague, boutique, cheque, grotesque, mosque, plaque, picturesque, technique.

Red- import, impatient, imperfect, irritate, irritant, irregular, irrational, irrelevant, irrelevance, irritation.

Grey- stopped, knitted, travelled, labelled, bigger, thinner, fatter, runner, happiest, saddest.

Spellings 30.1.17

Green- adventurous, carnivorous, coniferous, conspicuous, dangerous, famous, generous, herbivorous, joyous, marvellous.

Red- arrive, believe, disbelieve, bicycle, breath, breathe, build, rebuild, busy, business.

Grey- oval, loyal, medal, regal, total, arrival, factual, general, normal, virtual. 

Black- hydrate, hydration, hydrated, dehydrated, dehydration, incriminate, incriminated, investigate, investigation, investigated.