Trip to the zoo!

We had a fantastic time at Bristol zoo last week, and learnt many facts about different animals. Everybody behaved beautifully, so we didn’t need to swap any children for animals, despite the class trying to convince me to bring one home!



As we have had assessment week, there are no spellings this week. Please use this time to practice your times tables on TT Rockstar, as the battle vs Eagles ends tomorrow, and we are ever so slightly behind! Keep it going guys!!


A huge huge congratulations to everyone who has moved up in maths passports. Everyone has been working so hard recently, and our Spring assessments show great improvement. Well done Goshawks! A special mention to these two girls who have persevered and not given up!

A fraction of…

In maths, we have been working out fractions of quantities using concrete objects to help us share the numbers. We are now looking at fractions with a numerator greater than one, which is a challenge, but one we are definitely up to!

Homework 22.2.17

The homework for this week is for the children to use their spellings, and write a sentence for each one. The more creative the sentence, the better! 

Children also need to continue to practise their times tables at home, as we will be having a multiplications test in class soon, but it will also help tremendously with our current topic- fractions.