A huge huge congratulations to everyone who has moved up in maths passports. Everyone has been working so hard recently, and our Spring assessments show great improvement. Well done Goshawks! A special mention to these two girls who have persevered and not given up!

A fraction of…

In maths, we have been working out fractions of quantities using concrete objects to help us share the numbers. We are now looking at fractions with a numerator greater than one, which is a challenge, but one we are definitely up to!

Homework 22.2.17

The homework for this week is for the children to use their spellings, and write a sentence for each one. The more creative the sentence, the better! 

Children also need to continue to practise their times tables at home, as we will be having a multiplications test in class soon, but it will also help tremendously with our current topic- fractions. 

Maths adventure

We are working towards using our knowledge of addition and subtraction to put into real life problems. This week we started picking apart word problems as a class, and next week we hope to be able to complete these in pairs and then individually.