Flat vs Spherical

In Science, we have been debating whether the earth is flat or spherical, using evidence from different sources. We have used this evidence to write our own conclusions, after a lengthy debate in our groups!

Instruction writing

In literacy, we looked at the key features of instruction writing. We wrote instructions for a group to find a golden coin within the school, as well as guiding a blind-folded friend to find another member of the class!

All props are go!

The class have been hard at work creating the props for ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies!’

They have been designing programmes and scenery, as well as smaller sized props which you will see in the next couple of weeks!

Spellings 13.3.17

Grey- married, replied, tried, studied, hurried, carrier, copier, happier, angrier, busier.

Red- descriptive, different, differently, indifferent, indifference, differentiation, difficult, difficulty, dislodge, disappearance. 

Green- addition, audition, caption, edition, emotion, eviction, invention, lotion, location, mention. 

Black- disappeared, disbelieve, discourtesy, disorganise, disapprove, disapproval, discovering, disregarded, distributed, disallow. 

Spellings 6.3.17

Grey- carries, copies, cries, flies, marries, replies, tries, carried, copied, cried. 

Red-discontinuation, continuous, decide, decision, indecisive, decisively, indecision, describe, description, indescribable. 

Green- outrageous, spontaneous, glamorous, humorous, enormous, jealous, activate, action, active, activity.

Black- disqualify, disqualification, identify, identification, justify, justification, purify, purification, solidify, solidification. 

Pancake day

In literacy, we have been looking at how to write and follow instructions. We put our knowledge to the test and followed a recipe to make pancakes…they were very successful!

Spellings 27.2.17

Grey- cry, dry, fly, try, reply, July, babies, families, hobbies, lorries.

Green- mysterious, precious, religious, spacious, studious, victorious, courteous, courageous, gorgeous, hideous.

Black- enterprise, improvise, summarise, symbolise, turquoise, uprise, utilise, vandalise, classify, classification.

Red- complete, incomplete, completion, consider, consideration,  considerate, inconsiderate, continue, continuation, discontinue.