Fairy tales with a twist

We have been experimenting with fairy stories, and changing the order of events as well as adding plot twists.


Spellings and homework

There will be no spellings or homework this week, due to the fact that we have been doing assessments in class, and the whole of Goshawks have worked incredibly hard. PLEASE use this time to really learn your lines, as scripts are no longer allowed on stage in rehearsals!!

Play time!

The time has come for scripts to be distributed for Goshawks class production! Please could each child bring in a named ring binder (A4 folder), so that scripts can be stored safely. Children will not receive a script until the folder is in school, so we can ensure they will not get lost or damaged. Folders need to be brought in either Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday at the absolute latest.

Jack and the Beanstalk recounts 

In literacy, we are writing a recount of our trip to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. As a class, we have discussed the importance of using sequential words, and writing our recounts in chronological order. We created a timeline of our day to help us remember the order that things happened.

Meet the new Goshawks

I can’t quite believe we’re starting week 3 already! What a fabulous start to the term, with a completely wonderful class. We hope to keep you all updated with our weekly adventures- here is our first drama lesson, discovering the importance of facial expressions!