Final show

A MASSIVE well done to all of you in Goshawks. You were all fantastic this evening and I’m so so proud of you.

Take a bow

Wow!! I am still completely blown away with how incredibly fantastic everyone was last night. I hope you are seriously proud of yourselves, because I certainly am. Well done to each and everyone of you, you are all amazing and I can’t wait to see you all soon⭐️

Dream On rehearsals

I hope you’re all enjoying the extended weekend!

We are starting our big rehearsals next week for Dream On, so it’s very important that scripts are in every day. Ideally, you should know the majority of your lines by now, and should be getting the hang of the songs. Keep practising, see you Monday!

Dream On Costumes

Over the next week, I will be posting costume ideas for each character, so please keep your eyes peeled!

Please can the following children bring in a long sleeved khaki top during the first week back after half term;

Archie, Kyle, Jack, Logan, Fin, Charlie, George, Grace, Lola and Mabel.

Play script/Holiday homework

Homework for February half term is to learn your lines! We have a lot of songs to learn when you come back, so it is vital you take the time to learn your lines.

Here is a cast list;

  • Oberon- Archie
  • Bottom/Pyramus- Lola
  • Robin/Puck- Max
  • Quince- Mabel
  • Theseus- Liv
  • Titania- Niamh
  • Lysander- Harry
  • Helena- Jenny
  • Hermia- Evie
  • Demetrius- Albert
  • Flute- Grace
  • Hippolyta- Damara
  • Egeus- Ralf
  • Luigi- Ted
  • Gino- Toby
  • Philostrate- Jaycob
  • Snug- Fin & Charlie
  • Snout- Jack & Logan
  • Starveling- Kyle & George
  • Cobweb- Olivia
  • Peaseblossom- Tallulah
  • Moth- Poppy & Libby
  • Mustardseed- Daisy & Issy
  • Scene Announcers- Harley & Lewis