Golden Time 12.1.18

For Golden Time this week, we are going to be getting creative! You may bring in art equipment from home (e.g. beads, feathers, card etc) but nothing that requires electricity. We will be putting out lots of resources for you to create whatever you like! If you are already working on a project at home, feel free to bring it in to school to continue with it.


Hard at work

We have started writing up our Mr Men and Little Miss stories, and we are now creating our own books! Watch this space…

Homework Summer 1 Week 2

In art, we have been looking at fruit and vegetables, and how they are made up inside. In particular, we have been looking at peppers. The children need to draw the inside of a fruit or vegetable (of their choice) on a piece of A4 paper. They must cut their chosen fruit/vegetable in half, and use paint/pencils/charcoal/pastels etc (NOT felt tips or sharpies) to draw and shade their work. This is due in on Wednesday 10th May.

Spring time in Stroud

In art, we went on a search for natural materials we could use in a collage, to represent the landscape opposite our school. We collected many items from around the school, and were very careful not to pick anything that was still growing! Here is some of our work;