Gymnastics sharing

In preparation for our gymnastics sharing next week, we have been practising our routines ready to perform to Sparrowhawks!




We have started learning about gymnastics in PE, and here are a few photos from our first attempt!


Below are the groups for Bikeabilty, and when each group needs to have their bike in school. 
Esther and Millie- Thursday morning

Nell and Imy- Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. 

Max- Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon.

Eliza and Phoebe- Wednesday morning and Friday morning.

Lily S, Lily W and Elle- Wednesday morning and Monday morning (23.1.17)

David- Wednesday afternoon and Monday morning (23.1.17)

Yoga masters

Goshawks are taking part in yoga sessions this term- something that is new to the class and Miss Kelly! The first session was a great success, and everyone worked really hard. We mastered the art of the tree, airplane, warrior 1 and warrior 2. See if you can remember how to perform each pose!