Spring time in Stroud

In art, we went on a search for natural materials we could use in a collage, to represent the landscape opposite our school. We collected many items from around the school, and were very careful not to pick anything that was still growing! Here is some of our work;


A huge huge congratulations to everyone who has moved up in maths passports. Everyone has been working so hard recently, and our Spring assessments show great improvement. Well done Goshawks! A special mention to these two girls who have persevered and not given up!

A fraction of…

In maths, we have been working out fractions of quantities using concrete objects to help us share the numbers. We are now looking at fractions with a numerator greater than one, which is a challenge, but one we are definitely up to!

Instruction writing

In literacy, we looked at the key features of instruction writing. We wrote instructions for a group to find a golden coin within the school, as well as guiding a blind-folded friend to find another member of the class!

Spellings and homework

There will be no spellings or homework this week, due to the fact that we have been doing assessments in class, and the whole of Goshawks have worked incredibly hard. PLEASE use this time to really learn your lines, as scripts are no longer allowed on stage in rehearsals!!

All props are go!

The class have been hard at work creating the props for ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies!’

They have been designing programmes and scenery, as well as smaller sized props which you will see in the next couple of weeks!

Spellings 13.3.17

Grey- married, replied, tried, studied, hurried, carrier, copier, happier, angrier, busier.

Red- descriptive, different, differently, indifferent, indifference, differentiation, difficult, difficulty, dislodge, disappearance. 

Green- addition, audition, caption, edition, emotion, eviction, invention, lotion, location, mention. 

Black- disappeared, disbelieve, discourtesy, disorganise, disapprove, disapproval, discovering, disregarded, distributed, disallow.