Spellings week 5

Ron- past, passed, proceed, precede, aisle, isle, aloud, allowed, affect, effect.

Hermione- medal, meddle, missed, mist, scene, seen, board, bored, which, witch.

Harry- here, hear, heel, heal, main, mane, mail, male, knot, not.

Spellings Week 4

Ron- apply, supply, identify, occupy, multiply, rhyme, cycle, python, hygiene, hyphen.

Hermione- illegal, illegible, illogical, illiterate, illicit, irregular, irrelevant, irresponsible, irrational, irresistible.

Harry- earth, early, learn, heard, earn, pearl, search, unearth, earl, rehearse.


World Awareness sculptures

We are going to be creating large sculptures on Thursday 18th of November (second Thursday during World Awareness), so please bring in as much recycled material as you can (e.g toilet rolls, cereal boxes, egg boxes, yoghurt pots, shoe boxes, wrapping paper tubes etc). The children will be working in smaller groups (these will be decided beforehand so they can liaise with each other about what to bring).