Summer holidays!

Hey Goshawks!

I hope you're having a fabulous holiday, I certainly am! Thank you all so much for my wonderful presents, I have now used each and every one of them, and they are fantastic. Remember to keep going with that maths maths passport practice, ill be racing you all again at hit the button😉

Miss Kelly🦁🍊🏀🌅

Homework 22.6.17

As we have been looking at the solar system in science, you need to create a poster of any size (A4 minimum), with a factfile about a chosen planet. You may chose a classified or a dwarf planet, and include as many interesting facts as you can. You can be as creative as you like, as you have two weeks to complete this.

Spellings Summer 2 week 1

Grey- earthquake, eyeball, popcorn, blackberry, basketball, butterfly, toothbrush, snowflake, fireplace, rainbow.

Red- supermarket, supersede, superstar, supervise, supervision, supervisory, superimpose, anticlockwise, antibiotics, antisocial.

Green- board, bored, by, buy, bye, flew, flu, flue, fair, fare.

Black- official, unofficial, officially, special, speciality, superficial, artificial, artificially, partial, partially.

Spellings Summer 1 Week 5 

Grey- fitness, illness, sadness, sickness, witness, happiness, basement, enjoyment, pavement, merriment.

Red- interactive, interview, interviewee, interrupt, interruption, interrupted, internal, internally, intervene, intervention. 

Green- allowed, aloud, accept, except, affect, effect, berry, bury, brake, break.

Black- antisocial, initial, finance, financial, financially, commerce, commercial, commercially, province, provincial. 

Spellings Summer 1 week 4

Black- cautious, cautiously, fictitious, infectious, nutrition, nutritious, nutritional, luscious, spacious, atrocious.

Green- vein, weight, children’s, men’s, boys’, girls’, babies’, members’, suspects’, teachers’.

Red- subheading, submarine, submerge, submergible,  subsequent, subdivide, international, internationally, interact, interaction.

Grey- work, world, worth, usual, vision, treasure, fiction, motion, option, potion.