Spellings Summer 2 week 1

Grey- earthquake, eyeball, popcorn, blackberry, basketball, butterfly, toothbrush, snowflake, fireplace, rainbow.

Red- supermarket, supersede, superstar, supervise, supervision, supervisory, superimpose, anticlockwise, antibiotics, antisocial.

Green- board, bored, by, buy, bye, flew, flu, flue, fair, fare.

Black- official, unofficial, officially, special, speciality, superficial, artificial, artificially, partial, partially.

Spellings Summer 1 Week 5 

Grey- fitness, illness, sadness, sickness, witness, happiness, basement, enjoyment, pavement, merriment.

Red- interactive, interview, interviewee, interrupt, interruption, interrupted, internal, internally, intervene, intervention. 

Green- allowed, aloud, accept, except, affect, effect, berry, bury, brake, break.

Black- antisocial, initial, finance, financial, financially, commerce, commercial, commercially, province, provincial. 

Spellings Summer 1 week 4

Black- cautious, cautiously, fictitious, infectious, nutrition, nutritious, nutritional, luscious, spacious, atrocious.

Green- vein, weight, children’s, men’s, boys’, girls’, babies’, members’, suspects’, teachers’.

Red- subheading, submarine, submerge, submergible,  subsequent, subdivide, international, internationally, interact, interaction.

Grey- work, world, worth, usual, vision, treasure, fiction, motion, option, potion. 

Spellings Summer 1 Week 3

Black- anxious, anxiety, malice, malicious, precious, consciousness, delicious, suspicious, ambition, ambitious. 

Green- beige, eight, eighteen, eighty, freight, neighbour, obey, rein, sleigh, they.

Red- reword, revise, reapply, reclaim, request, require, rewind, subway, subdue, suburban,

Grey- brother, other, mother, chimney, donkey, key, kidney, trolley, turkey, valley. 

Spellings Summer 1 Week 2

Black- nearby, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, vice, vicious, grace, gracious, space, spacious.

Green- ascent, crescent, descent, fascinate, scent, scenery. scissors, science, scientifically, scientist.

Red- irreparable, irresponsible, redo, react, remix, repay, reuse, rebate, redeem, refill.

Grey- runny, sunny, boxer, mixed, mixing, fixed, fixing, all, walk, talk.

Spellings 24.4.17

Black- who, which, where, when, whose, that, perhaps, surely, might, should.

Green- synagogue, tongue, vague, boutique, cheque, grotesque, mosque, plaque, picturesque, technique.

Red- import, impatient, imperfect, irritate, irritant, irregular, irrational, irrelevant, irrelevance, irritation.

Grey- stopped, knitted, travelled, labelled, bigger, thinner, fatter, runner, happiest, saddest.

Spellings and homework

There will be no spellings or homework this week, due to the fact that we have been doing assessments in class, and the whole of Goshawks have worked incredibly hard. PLEASE use this time to really learn your lines, as scripts are no longer allowed on stage in rehearsals!!