Passport champs

Well done to everyone for persevering with their maths passports, especially these three who moved up today- well done!


A late entry

We have our EIGHTH passport champion of the day!! Massive congratulations to everyone🎉

Half term homework

Over half term, I would like you to complete section A, B or C of the maths question sheet. By all means, you are welcome to complete more than one section, and you may choose which section you complete. Please think about which questions you’re answering. If you complete the questions too quickly, it would be a good idea to try another set of questions! Please keep up the EXCELLENT work on TT Rockstars. It is also vital that you continue to read at home throughout the holidays, as we will be starting to use reading logs next term.


As we have had assessment week, there are no spellings this week. Please use this time to practice your times tables on TT Rockstar, as the battle vs Eagles ends tomorrow, and we are ever so slightly behind! Keep it going guys!!

Summer holidays!

Hey Goshawks!

I hope you're having a fabulous holiday, I certainly am! Thank you all so much for my wonderful presents, I have now used each and every one of them, and they are fantastic. Remember to keep going with that maths maths passport practice, ill be racing you all again at hit the button😉

Miss Kelly🦁🍊🏀🌅


A huge huge congratulations to everyone who has moved up in maths passports. Everyone has been working so hard recently, and our Spring assessments show great improvement. Well done Goshawks! A special mention to these two girls who have persevered and not given up!