Spellings Summer 2 week 1

Grey- earthquake, eyeball, popcorn, blackberry, basketball, butterfly, toothbrush, snowflake, fireplace, rainbow.

Red- supermarket, supersede, superstar, supervise, supervision, supervisory, superimpose, anticlockwise, antibiotics, antisocial.

Green- board, bored, by, buy, bye, flew, flu, flue, fair, fare.

Black- official, unofficial, officially, special, speciality, superficial, artificial, artificially, partial, partially.

Spellings Summer 1 week 4

Black- cautious, cautiously, fictitious, infectious, nutrition, nutritious, nutritional, luscious, spacious, atrocious.

Green- vein, weight, children’s, men’s, boys’, girls’, babies’, members’, suspects’, teachers’.

Red- subheading, submarine, submerge, submergible,  subsequent, subdivide, international, internationally, interact, interaction.

Grey- work, world, worth, usual, vision, treasure, fiction, motion, option, potion. 

Spellings Summer 1 Week 2

Black- nearby, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, vice, vicious, grace, gracious, space, spacious.

Green- ascent, crescent, descent, fascinate, scent, scenery. scissors, science, scientifically, scientist.

Red- irreparable, irresponsible, redo, react, remix, repay, reuse, rebate, redeem, refill.

Grey- runny, sunny, boxer, mixed, mixing, fixed, fixing, all, walk, talk.

Instruction writing

In literacy, we looked at the key features of instruction writing. We wrote instructions for a group to find a golden coin within the school, as well as guiding a blind-folded friend to find another member of the class!

Spellings 13.3.17

Grey- married, replied, tried, studied, hurried, carrier, copier, happier, angrier, busier.

Red- descriptive, different, differently, indifferent, indifference, differentiation, difficult, difficulty, dislodge, disappearance. 

Green- addition, audition, caption, edition, emotion, eviction, invention, lotion, location, mention. 

Black- disappeared, disbelieve, discourtesy, disorganise, disapprove, disapproval, discovering, disregarded, distributed, disallow. 

Pancake day

In literacy, we have been looking at how to write and follow instructions. We put our knowledge to the test and followed a recipe to make pancakes…they were very successful!