Sporting Hero Homework- due FRIDAY 7th June!

You need to research and collect information about your favourite sporting hero. We will be creating fact file posters on Friday so the more information you collect, the better! You may bring in (if you wish) pictures and materials to decorate your posters too. Any questions, please ask! The more homework you do, the easier your project will be!

TT Rockstar Challenge!

Over the Easter holidays (starting on Friday 5th at 3.15pm!), you must complete 20 TT Rockstar games. They need to be garage sessions, as they have been set in accordance to your maths passports. I will be notified when you have completed them, so there’s no hiding away! The children who make the most improvements to their timing will receive a prize when we return to school! Good luck and rock on!

TTRS homework

Maths homework

Your maths homework this week is to design a dream garden. You may present it however you like (drawing, building a model, Lego etc), but you must include measurements for your dream garden. You need to include lengths and widths of all areas of the garden (e.g. grass area, patio, swimming pool etc.) so we can use it in lessons to calculate the area and perimeter. You may be as creative as you like, this is a dream garden so there is no budget!

Due: Friday 15th March

Spellings update

So…we have completed our blind spelling test from Sir Linkalot! We have looked over the videos providing links for each of the words. Please look over them this evening and remind yourselves of the spellings for tomorrow’s test- you never know, there could be another test soon, so keep learning those links!(Proof read by Archie)


Homework this week will be given out on Friday. Each child will receive a maths activity booklet, where they are expected to complete two sheets weekly. They may choose which sheets to complete, but they must hand it in each Friday, where it will be marked and returned the same day.


Spelling test is next Friday:)

Star and Galaxy- England, Russia, Europe, Peru, Iran, Germany, Spain, Brazil, France, Japan.

Moon and Sun- Australia, Uruguay, Serbia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Argentina, Korea, Morocco, Belgium.